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Dishwasher Repair Pros Near Me

In most households, it’s not a crisis if the dishwasher doesn’t work. But washing  and drying dishes by hand can get old fast. This is one time when throwing in the towel is nothing to be ashamed of. Schedule a repair technician to come fix your dishwasher, and let your chapped dishwashing hands heal.

Some common dishwasher problems

Dishes come out dirty or with spots

You can take care of this problem yourself:

  • Use enough dishwasher detergent for your water hardness. Check the detergent package for the manufacturer’s recommendations. Ask the municipality that provides your water what the hardness rating is for your water supply.
  • Leave enough space between the dishes so water can reach all dish surfaces.
  • Don’t block the spray with large items like cookie sheets.
  • Ensure that nothing is stuck in the spray arm.
  • To reduce spotting, use rinse aid and a heated drying cycle.

Dishwasher won’t fill

First, press the mushroom-shaped overfill float — it’s on the floor of the dishwasher, in front of the bottom rack. The mushroom float should move freely when you press it a few times. If not, check that a piece of food isn’t stuck under it.

If that trick doesn’t fix the problem, it could be that one of these parts isn’t working:

  • The overfill float switch, which is attached to the base of the mushroom float and senses the water level inside the dishwasher
  • The water inlet valve, which controls the flow of water into the dishwasher from the water supply pipe
  • The dishwasher timer, which controls several components, including the inlet valve and the wash pump

Dishwasher leaks

If you notice a puddle in front of your dishwasher, check that nothing is blocking the dishwasher spray arm. If the spray arm can’t spin, the uneven distribution of water can create a wave inside the dishwasher that causes a leak.

If you discover a crack in the spray arm, you can replace it yourself. Be sure to order the spray arm that fits your model.

If the dishwasher arm isn’t stuck or cracked, one of these problems could cause the leak:

  • The gasket that seals the door is torn. If you’re even a little handy, it’s fairly easy to remove the old dishwasher door gasket and install the new.
  • The drain hose has developed a hole.
  • The pump housing or seals on the dishwasher circulation pump have deteriorated and started leaking.
  • The dishwasher door hinge is damaged, keeping the door from closing tightly.

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