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Here are three signs that it’s time to schedule a technician to look at your washing machine:

  1. You’ve worn the same clothes all week, and it’s not just because you’re working from home.
  2. Your laundry basket is so full that the cat can’t nap in it.
  3. Your towels smell so disgusting that you’re air drying after you shower.

If any of these are happening in your house, let us find a repair tech for you.

Some common washer problems

A washer does a lot to get your clothes clean. It locks the lid, fills to the right level, dispenses the detergent, agitates, drains and spins, fills again, agitates again, drains and spins again, and unlocks the lid. A lot of components make all that happen, and every so often, one of those components fails.

Here are a few problems washers can have, and what components might be to blame.

The washing machine won’t drain

  • When the washer’s tub won’t drain, you’re left with a soggy load of laundry. Here are reasons the washer won’t drain:
    The washer drain pump isn’t working because one of the internal components failed. A humming noise is a sign that the problem is the drain pump.
  • The lids switch on a top-load washer can’t detect that the washer lid is closed, and many washers won’t run if the lid isn’t closed.
  • The washer timer is broken and won’t advance the washer to the spin/drain cycle.

The washing machine overfills

If your washer is overflowing, unplug it. If the washer still keeps filling, turn off the water supply to the washer — and then schedule a repair technician to replace the water inlet valve assembly, because a valve is leaking.

If the washer does stop filling when you unplug it, either the water level pressure switch can’t detect the water level in the washer tub, or there’s a problem with the main control board, which manages all the washer’s functions.

The washing machine is noisy or shaking

When your washer shakes, rattles and rolls, most often the laundry load is unevenly distributed. Your washer will try to adjust the load by refilling and swishing, but eventually it gives up and stops. Then you have to manually rearrange the items in the washer.

To prevent imbalanced loads, don’t wash lightweight and heavy items in the same load (jeans and towels are notorious for throwing off the balance).

Another reason for noisy shaking is a loose spanner nut under the agitator. You can tighten it yourself, after removing the agitator.

These reasons your washer is raising a ruckus require a visit from a qualified service technician:

  • The drive block that rotates and stabilizes the spin basket during the spin cycle has worn out.
  • One of the components in the washer drain pump is failing. A failing drain pump makes a humming sound.

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