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Oven Repair Pros Near Me

Why is it that ovens go on the fritz at the very worst time: right before you’re hosting a holiday dinner or when you really need the comfort that only homemade chocolate chip cookies can deliver.

Don’t resort to serving your guests take-out pizza or eating a bag of store-bought cookies. Schedule an appointment with a repair technician ASAP.

Some common oven problems

The oven isn’t heating

You turn on the oven, but the oven stays cold. Here are a few reasons an oven won’t heat up:

  • Some ovens have a thermal switch that trips if the oven becomes dangerously hot because a part that regulates temperature isn’t working. You can reset the switch yourself: unplug the oven, remove the panel on the back of the oven and press the red reset button.
  • Some ovens have a thermal fuse that trips if the oven temperature got too hot — usually because another component failed. You can’t reset a thermal fuse; it has to be replaced.
  • Gas ovens have an igniter that glows red hot to ignite the gas. If the igniter doesn’t get hot enough to ignite the gas, the oven won’t heat.

The broiler doesn’t work

You have your heart set on steak for dinner, but the broiler won’t broil. The problem could be one of these components:

  • The broil element
  • The electronic control board
  • The oven igniter
  • The relay control board, if your oven has one

Bake goods are overbaked or underbaked

If baked goods come out too baked or too raw when you follow the bake time in the recipe, a part that regulates temperature might be malfunctioning, or a part that creates heat could be off its game:

  • The oven temperature sensor
  • The oven control thermostat
  • The oven igniter in a gas oven
  • The bake or broil element in an electric oven (in some ovens, the broil element kicks on to brown the top of baked foods)

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