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When your central air conditioning goes out during the heat of summer, it’s uncomfortable. If you live in a hot climate, it can be downright dangerous. That’s why it’s important to schedule a visit from a trained HVAC technician right away, to restore your comfort and your safety.

Some common central air conditioner problems

Your central air conditioner is a complicated system that includes the outside condenser unit, the inside air handler, the vent ductwork and the thermostat. A problem in any of these components can prevent your air conditioner from cooling.

When your central AC goes out, you can do some simple troubleshooting. If the tips below don’t do the trick, schedule a service visit from a trained heating-and-cooling technician.

The air conditioner isn’t running

When your central air conditioner isn’t running at all, the first thing you should do is check the thermostat. Make sure the thermostat is set to Cool and the temperature setting is low enough to trigger cooling.

If the thermostat is okay, check the house circuit breakers and reset any tripped breakers.

If these tips don’t help, it’s time to bring in an expert to repair the air conditioner.

The air conditioner isn’t blowing cold air

When you feel warm air coming from the vents, check that the thermostat isn’t
set to Fan only.

Next, take a look at the air filter. We all forget to change the air conditioner filter from time to time. If you forget about changing it for more than a couple of months, the buildup of dust on the filter can interfere with cooling. Replace the air filter if it looks dirty.

Finally, check if the outside condenser fan is running. If not, reset the circuit breaker for the outside unit. If that step doesn’t restore cooling, schedule a technician to repair the air conditioner.

Cooling is uneven

  • Make sure the air supply vents in the warm rooms are fully open.
  • Check for damage to air conditioner ductwork. Disconnected or torn air ducts won’t deliver cooling to rooms.
  • If rooms close to the air handler are cool but more distant rooms aren’t, inspect the air filter. A clogged air filter can inhibit air flow through air ducts.

The AC leaks water

When you hear water dripping from the air handler inside your home, a clogged drain line is the likely cause. Water should drain from the evaporator  to the outside of your home through a drain line. When the drain line gets clogged with algae or mildew, water backs up and starts dripping under the air handler.

As soon as you hear water dripping under your air handler, schedule a service visit.

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