Your dishwasher not only saves time; modern dishwashers also save water compared to washing dishes by hand, assuming the load is full.

Dishwashers have a shorter average life expectancy than other kitchen appliances — about 10 to 12 years. Dishwashers don’t last as long as stoves and refrigerators because dishwasher pumps, seals, spray arms and racks take a beating from all the water that swishes and splashes through them.  

But your dishwasher isn’t doomed to die after a decade. By taking good care of your dishwasher, you can extend its life.

Three Ways to Extend Your Dishwasher’s Life 

Take these maintenance steps to minimize corrosion and wear in your dishwasher so it lasts longer:  

  • Check your dishwasher owner’s manual to see what filters it has, and where they’re located. Clean the filters as often as the manual recommends. Cleaning the filters helps keep the pump and spray arms working efficiently, ultimately helping your dishwasher last longer. 
  • Use a dishwasher clear monthly to remove hard water deposits, rust, grease and other buildup. Monthly cleaning helps reduce corrosion, so your dishwasher runs more efficiently, and lasts longer. 
  • Check the spray arms a few times a year for deposits clogging holes in the spray arm; use the tip of a skewer to clear the holes. Also look for cracks or other damage and replace the spray arm if you find damage. Keeping the spray arms in good working order helps the dishwasher pump work efficiently, so the dishwasher lasts longer. 

 Have a trained technician service your dishwasher yearly

While cleaning the dishwasher, its filters and the spray arm holes go a long way toward keeping your dishwasher healthy, there’s some dishwasher maintenance best left to a pro. Schedule a yearly preventive maintenance visit for your dishwasher and other kitchen appliances. The technician will inspect wiring, controls, water systems, and the drain line to ensure that the dishwasher is in good working order. See if the service provides offers a maintenance package to check all your kitchen appliances.